City Lift

This is the quickest way to go around the city. Our pickups and drop-offs are swift, safe, stylish, and convenient. You can book for an hour or more if you think you will be making multiple stops.

Airport eXpress

This is a fast and reliable service to get you to or from the airport. Our drivers use flight tracking systems to make sure they are waiting for you when you catch those flights that arrive at odd hours of day.

Corporate Day

This corporate service is suitable for corporate organisations or professionals with long to do tool list that need to be crossed off in one day. Booking this service will guarantee you a personal driver for 10 hours.

Bon Voyage

If you want to take a road trip with experienced drivers that know the best and safest routes, then this is what you are looking for. Our destinations cover all the 36 States in Nigeria. Call or send an email to book this service.